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awww man, I was really looking forward to slamming that “slander” line into the mud.  bwahahahahaha if I had a nickel for every time someone yelled slander about something and threatened to sue… hilarious.  Actually, misstiffanydbaby, I think that makes YOU a bully.  Don’t be a pot calling the kettle black, dear.

In case you are really unsure what’s wrong with the basketball picture… first of all, selective coloring screams fauxtog all by itself.  Secondly, it’s not even done right, if you are going to make the ball in color, that little bit of the rim needs to be in black and white, too.  That just shows lazy editing.  The ball itself isn’t even perfectly colored and being able to see that on Facebook means that’s pretty bad.  The photo is EXTREMELY noisy and it is out of focus.