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lol oops!

I had no idea what you were talking about, so I had a scroll back to see if I could find anything about aleah leigh photography and WOE!  A little over reaction on your part there.

This link was posted



If you can’t see what’s hilariously wrong with this picture I don’t know what to tell you.


Another personal favorite is this one.  lol oh my!




Look there is absolutely nothing wrong with Aleah Leigh’s photography except that she’s attempting to charge people money for it.  It’s ridiculous, and quite funny/interesting when people think the can do something they are in fact unable to do.  Kind of like the American Idol auditions.  That whole train wreck can’t look away thing.  THAT’s why this site was born, because there are so many of them out there.  Aleah Leigh Photography’s photos all are just snap shots, some with odd editing, some without, but snap shots all the same.  Anyone with a camera and absolutely no photography background could have shot the same pictures.


So what exactly makes us bullies?  Because we are talking about a “business” online that shares images publicly to advertise their “business”?  That makes no sense at all.  I put business in quotation marks because I highly doubt Aleah Leigh Photography is registered, licensed, insured, has a tax ID, yadda yadda… She’s just making some under the table cash when she can.  Even IF (and that’s a huge IF) she is doing this legitimately, she knows nothing about photography other than when you snap a button an image is made.  No need to take this so seriously and make a fool of yourself, she’s obviously not taking it seriously.


For slander to be proven the statements made need to be untrue.  I think we were all quite honest here about Aleah Leigh Photography.  BTW by you coming here and mentioning Aleah Leigh Photography you have helped your friend’s business’ SEO.  If more people come here to talk about Aleah Leigh Photography like you were asking for us to do, this discussion may become searchable when someone types Aleah Leigh Photography into google.


Hard working my ASS! I’m so tired of fauxtographers and fans of fauxtographers talking about how hard they work at making glorified snapshots and grabbing money from people under the table for their slop work.  You think it’s hard to do that?!  No, she’s having fun pretending to be a profitable photography business, and possibly got her feelings hurt a little when her page was talked about here and we all saw through it.  End of story.  Get over it, or not… it’d be slightly entertaining if you continued to rant about a subject you know nothing about I suppose.  I’m sure people found entertainment reading my comment.  Hey, what can I say?  I’m in a mood today, and this made me laugh so much.