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Good God Fstopper!

I’m fairly new to the whole facebook groups thing, and when I first started participating I was shocked at how much deleting went on.  Don’t like what people have to say?  Delete!  What the hell is that!?  Oh, so someone more experienced than you already made the mistakes you are making and took the time out of their day to help you through them and better your photography?  Screw them!  Snotty little mean bastards!  And screw all the others who were following along and learning as well!  And screw all the people who would also benefit from your criticism that missed it because you deleted your post!
Same thing would happen here if there were an easy way to delete.  I don’t get that mentality at all.  Yep, I’ve been embarrassed of my mistakes/lack of knowledge before and have had countless “oh! Duh!” Photography moments out there in Internet land (and real life), but never once was I even tempted to delete or even never acknowledge the help and opinions I received from people who took the time to help me.  I HATE that too.  I figure too, that all my posts out there are searchable and helping others have less DUH moments than I have.  Is it uncool to be wrong and/or not know what the heck you’re doing when your new to something?  Better to just pretend and fake it.  I guess if you are selling your photography as a pro and you don’t know how to use your camera, it’s uncool… but to ignore and delete when you show photographers a picture and they tell you it’s OOF (or whatever obvious flaws the picture has) is just asinine.
That fauxtog is crazy bad, and she’s not going to get any better with that attitude.