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@Anonymoose…I wish I wish I wish FB would start charging people who use it for their “business”.  I’m so sick of seeing people posting pics of their vacation


along side of weddings and so forth.  Please be professional and separate your personal life from your business.  You hear that FB?  Think of the trillions of bucks you can make by actually charging those who use it for business purposes (for which it was never intended).  Businesses pay to advertise, why can’t FB charge for “pro photographers” to use it for their “website”?  It may weed out some of the less professional ones out there.  In any case, pics of sleeping seals doesn’t encourage me to hire you for my wedding.  I don’t want to meet the people for whom it does.

Don’t take this as the harsh criticism that it seems Aleah, take it as advice to look more like someone who does business.  There is nothing wrong with being friendly and approachable but a little more separation between personal and business would be good.  If you feel the need to include something other than past paid gigs, how about shooting some friends and family for fun in locations that are suitable and gives suggestions to those who want to pay for photos.  Go to a park and shoot a day “what a great spot for engagements/family shots/wedding formals”.