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@ Chrystal…I like that analogy. Personally I’m glad that my doc went to medical school (is even involved in teaching) and didn’t just open an office cause she was passionate about medicine.
As for recessionphotography….starting with the couples shots, I notice 5 out of 7 are the same pose. Someone needs to take the time to learn how to pose people and learn what poses work for whom. The hug from behind is cute for some, uncomfortable for others and definitely should not be the only pose in your repertoire. She loves capturing the love in their eyes but in two pics they look more nauseous than in love.
As for any wedding shots, the few that there are for some strange reason, it’s just the usual bland or overcooked amateurish fare. Her prices do reflect her abilities but I agree, the prices are still a little high for what she puts out. And I don’t understand her pricing either. What the heck are “groupings” and why do I get 30 of them with my $900 wedding, along with 20 ceremony poses. Does this mean I get 50 pics for $900? Just something I’ve never seen before. I’m used to number of hours and number of prints.
Finally, I just love her self portrait on her home page. First of all, fake bokeh is my favourite…NOT…and you’ve just demonstrated to me that you don’t even know how to hold a camera properly.