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@cass335….holy cowpies! Not only are they “willing” to pay the princely sum of $180 for 12 hours, but they’d love to have TWO photographers (with “real” cameras as oppose to fake ones I suppose?). $90 for 12 hours of work? This is a GEM of an ad. If the fiance was truly any sort of self-respecting photographer, she’d be screaming at her husband-to-be to stop being such a cheapo and dish out for a real photographer. But I guess she’s a faux too. I’m surprised they aren’t asking for the raws…another sign of someone saying “I’m cheap and think I can save even more money by editing the pics myself” when in reality, you likely have no clue what a raw even is as well as “wants to help a fellow photographer grow”. Those are all the tell-tale signs of a couple with no budget whatsoever spinning it to look like they simply are trying to do someone a favour. All in all, a damn insulting “ad” and I pity the poor fool desperate enough to actually get involved with this couple that thinks their pics of a once in a lifetime event is worth less than what I spent on dinner tonight at a nice restaurant for my wife and I.