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While I said some of Exit 10’s work was ok, this is something I would NOT offer!


There are other ways to do “trash the dress” photos than in a river that’s 4 feet deep. I saw a video online last year about a photographer doing a trash the dress and a sharp undercurrent ripped the newlywed away and the weight of her dress made it impossible to swim afloat and she DROWNED. Granted, they showed the river and rocks where they were doing the session and that river looked more vicious. But why take the chance? I’ve shot photos with my photographer friend in a creek that was no more than 6 inches deep and you could see clearly to the sandy bottom.

This one by Southern Belle looks dangerous as well. The location is cool, and this maybe would not be at all dangerous at a time of low tide, but I would not want to be responsible for her falling and being carried out in the ocean during this.