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Okay – I love this site. I stalk it daily (I consider myself a photographer… yes) I always get a kick out of Faux’s being shamed when their work is truly terrible and not just a “starting out” type thing. I normally wouldn’t post this, but I am just fed up. This fauxtog has been in business since 2011… her work should be WAY better if she were actually TRYING. Her work is TERRIBLE. Her pictures are shot in auto mode in bad lighting… AND I HATE THE COMMENTS! “omg, these are such gorgeous beautiful pictures” “wonder pictures sarah!” KILL!



I love how you can’t even read the name. Most of her photos are bad composition, etc.. I guess it all depends on who you know. When I see things like this, it makes me want to leave this business. Seriously. I know they aren’t my competition, but how does a crappy faux with NO WEBSITE and a crappy watermark and SHIT PRODUCT even get ANY clients??