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Ok, zaps, I see it now.

First let me just say a few things.  Please take no offense to this but, I find your reason for posting a tad perplexing.  I spend time on a few other forums dedicated to photography and every once in a while, someone will ask “which camera should I buy”?  We don’t know why he/she needs it, what the photograph, their budget and so on.  A number of us usually point out that there is a wealth of information out there from reputable testing sites as to the abilities of one camera vs. another.  Asking how to use it is a different question.  So what happens is people chime in with their favourite choices of camera but we don’t really know what’s a good fit for the person asking.

Your question is similar but I’ll grant you we now know you want family photos taken.  Your other concern is they all think they are the best.  Well, they will think that.  Doesn’t make it so.  It’s up to you to decide that.  Which leads me to my “please don’t take offense” part wherein I’ll say, “they all have pics posted so what do you think?”  If you look at all those pics and you actually like them, then you’re good to go.  Do you really need me to tell you they are good (for you)?  I can tell you if I would hire them, or not.  In the end, you have to decide if you like the price and pics.  It’s not too different from the person asking me which camera to buy.  I can tell you what I want and need.

Well, that all said, I wouldn’t hire this lady.  There are some saving gems in there but they really are needles in haystacks.  For one, as urkiddingright says, her wedsite is irritating.  I personally (and it’s considered “best practice” for the most part in creating a website) is to nix the music.  At least there is a pause button.  However, the layout is difficult to navigate and thankfully after much digging, I did notice the fb link.

After going to fb (cause you can’t tell much from teeny tiny pics on her website), I didn’t find much to float my boat.

Though we can all make mistakes, I’ll never understand why people post them.  Personally I’d prefer the subject be in focus and not the foliage…


Or, though one of her better ones, the blown parts and neon glow and fountain coming out of the head are distracting….


And though you’re inquiring about family photos, there isn’t much for me to peruse so I had to peek at wedding shots and I wasn’t too thrilled with them.  From heavy vignetting to blurry shots to fake bokeh, (along with offering “x” amount of pics and only some get edited though that’s not an issue for you), I’m not impressed.

So, I think this lady is another in a long list of “could be good if applies herself” but for now is either just getting there or is happy with where she is.  I would not hire her.  Good luck in your search and if you really feel helped by linking others here, opinions will follow.  Don’t forget, the ultimate decision lies with you.

One last tip.  Flip back through these pages and look at some of the other “Fauxtogs who should end up on the main page…” and see what makes up a faux.  Then when you find another candidate, if their pics look like anything you’ve seen here, move on.