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Eve is interesting.  There definitely is a lot of noise as if it’s a small sensor.  There seems to be a reflection of her in this shot,


but maybe it’s a bridge camera and not an slr.  Odd because it’s not high iso noise and really seems like tiny sensor noise.  Oh well.

Anyway, it sure would be nice if “clients” would not encourage bad photography by “liking” it though (not just Eve but any who took a shot so oof and has the gall to post it) like this one,


All I can say, Eve, is enjoy working your butt off for $20 + $10 for cd with printing rights.  I guess it’s probably just a hobby and you’ve got a real job elsewhere that pays the bills and that’s fine but eventually you will tire of running around for peanuts.  Time will tell if you do raise them and if your skills and output will rise along with them.