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lol Seth, you’d really hate my Facebook feed!  It’s full of half ass crap like that.  I understand it, because I struggle with color too and my processing leaves me lost sometimes.  Difference is… I know this of myself, and I’m not out there saying “look what I can do for you.  Pay me”.  lol

and why is it that these tog friends of mine have their business pages up and going, but still share all their crap on their personal accounts?  I didn’t like their pages for a reason, as Im sure their other friends on their personal account who haven’t liked their page, but we get banged over the head anyway.  What?! do they think it was a mistake that some of their friends don’t like their photography page?  That we somehow don’t understand how to work the like button?!  NOPE

oh geeze!  And don’t get me started on all the non tog friends I have who get ripped off by bad photographers.  I may have to quit Facebook for my own sanity.