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Here’s one.  Not the worst by any means but someone on my feed liked one of the photos and I went to the page only to cringe at seeing neon green grass right away.  Case in point:


Is it REALLY all that difficult to just bump down the green saturation a bit?  She seems to have a handle on editing for the most part otherwise, she should know how to do this.

The huge logo/watermark also turns me off.  But go to the website and you’ll see that sessions are “100 dollars” (not $100, I dunno, could be me but just seems unprofessional) and “wedding shoots” are “1000 dollars” but you can secure your date with a $50 deposit, yay!

Adorable kids but the skin tones make me want to shield my eyes.  https://www.facebook.com/alainakristinephoto/photos/pcb.383943741771149/383943608437829/?type=1&theater