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I don’t expect much noise difference between a T2i, T3i or T4i.  Noise in a 5D Mk III is better.  Noise comparison between a T2i and 5D Mk III is here: http://cameraclicker.com/Compare/MoreNoise2/Noise_5D_Mk_III.htm

A T2i can take clean photos to ISO 6400 if lighting is good, this was taken at ISO 6400: http://cameraclicker.com/galleries/g16/m/pages/2011-07-08_10-16-38_IMG_6440.htm

Based on what I’ve taken with the 5D, I think the Mk III could take as clean a shot at ISO 12800, and a stop is a stop.  Plus it is full frame.  Glass costs more, the body costs more, results are better but you pay quite a bit more for that extra stop and the space around the APS-C sensor.  Auto-focus is much better too so if you need quick accurate focus it is worth the difference in cost and weight for many applications.