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Most think while looking at good photography, “if I had THAT camera! If only I had THAT lighting equipment! If I just had enough money to take their workshop! If only I could take a class! If my clients were just more photogenic! If only I had that lens! I wish I lived or could travel to interesting places like that. If only I had THAT software! If I had those actions!” Etc…
That why so many are in the business of selling TO photographers.
My fauxtographer friend has everything under the sun that any photographer would ever need to shoot multiple things in any genre, and she keeps buying, and buying, and buying. Meanwhile, her photography isn’t improving at all.
She used to ask me what to buy, and “what do you use?” And “how did you do that?” But I ended up boring her. I don’t even have a camera bag or cover. (That’s next on my list. I’m only $20 away from getting a camera cover. When I make one more sell, and it’s mine) I got my first tripod about a year ago. I have two small continuous lights, and one LED and some flash lights, homemade reflectors and back drops, two lenses, one camera (not counting my cell phone) one software program that’s being discontinued and nobody uses any more. I have a camera, I have a 35mm, two feet, one eye, an Internet connection, imagination, and some light. I have everything I need.