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I can’t get over it. Do people like your friend ever look at the work of real photographers? I’ll admit, when I first got my Rebel xti, the praise from my friends did get to my head, even to the point where I started to think, “Hmmmm maybe I could make some money from this.” However, that idea prompted me to actually LEARN more about photography. Therefore I started going to local photography events, looking at photographer blogs etc. It took me about two seconds of looking at some photos at a local photog exhibit to for me to realize, “OHMYGOD my work is awful what the F**K was I thinking????!!!!!” I immediately felt extremely EMBARRASSED for thinking that I was actually good enough to go into business. How can these fauxtogs look at a photographer’s pictures and their own pictures without noticing the stark difference? I don’t get it. How does this happen when you have two fully functioning eyeballs?