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I love neon glow, when it’s a neon sign.  To each their own and when you’re doing “out of the box” photo shoots, I guess it’s sort of part of the schtick.  However, does it really belong (neon glow) when you’re doing portraits?…


I guess when it’s all you know, you use it and overuse it.

And it’s all great to have a genre that you love but if you’re going to do more than shoot fairy tale figures, you ought to learn how to pose people cause this, along with the lighting of course, is not the worst in the world but sure isn’t flattering at all….


And more along the lines of something other than fictional characters, and of the “learn how to pose” and a little of “use better equipment that doesn’t have so much CA it’s all I can look at” and a dash of “find Waldo…I mean, find the focus”…..


And then there is the “wow, this almost works”.  As usual, another faux just about gets there but has to ruin it.  A decent pic not quite in focus.  I know some blur has been added but I suspect it was never really sharp anyway.  I know you don’t want sharp pores but she appears to have nice glowing skin and I don’t think there was too much reason just to gauss blur it all out.  But of course, what really ruins it is the typical faux habit of not paying attention to the background.  The frames on the wall is an interesting idea, however, did the faux not notice the corner of the frame cutting through her head?


Geesh, I could go on all day here but among all the nuclear glow, poor composition, crap lighting and just plain so-so stuff, let’s finish off with a typical faux fail…..OUT OF FOCUS so why the heck are you posting it!?!?