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The art institutes, especially Pittsburgh because they are pushing the photography program pretty hard core, are pumping out the fauxtography at an alarming rate. The teachers are not allowed to grade harshly, or give any sort of real critique. Plus, I looked up some of the current instructors and … WTH?!
Something I’ve noticed: if a student or recent former student of the art institutes ever comes on a forum or in a photography group, you can rest assured that they cannot and WILL not take criticism well. I always brace myself when I see Art Institute of Pittsburg in their description. If they don’t kick and scream over the advice they get, they just stay silent, never to return, and none of the changes discussed will be made.
Those “photographers” learned all about confidence. It exhumes through their pores by the time they “graduate”.
I can’t get over how many people they are ripping off and getting away with it.
They teach NOTHING that a photographer needs to know. Yep, just pumping them out and throwing them out there with a butt load of debt, and nothing to show for it.
It’s one of the biggest scams out there.
It makes me so angry