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Omg, I just found this site through facebook because one of my friends likes the page…WOW!  These are crazy bad!  My dad was a photographer back in the film days and I always liked looking at photos with him.  He made a couple dollars here and there but he also claimed it as extra income which I’m sure is more than what these people do.

I nearly died while looking at SImply sweet!  Her facebook page is bad, but her website is worse.  $1900 for her to show up with her old amateur level camera and lens?  No thanks.  I wouldn’t pay $100 for that garbage she churns out.  I mean, she can’t even get her oversized watermark on right!

And my word, their eyes!  What is wrong with her that she thinks this is acceptable editing??!

I’m sure there are worse that I haven’t seen, but this lady seems to honestly think she is a real pro and is taking herself way too seriously.  I think that’s why she jumped out at me.  Maybe someone will report her and the rest of them for tax fraud and they will finally get a clue LOL