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Kind of a coincidence that Altered Reality was brought up again. She is local to me, and seemingly a nice lady (I don’t know her personally). In the past few years her work went from really bad to still pretty bad but now “enhanced” with wonky over-editing. Anyways, just yesterday she posted on our local buy/sell site that her vehicle was broken into at the park in town and her camera (in camera bag), external flash, and daughter’s iPhone were stolen. She posted what kind of camera it was and it is a Sony Cybershot something. I looked it up and it’s one of those “super zoom” compacts (also known as bridge cameras?) not a DSLR but an oversized point-and-shoot. If that is her only camera (not sure) that may partially explain the lack of quality in a lot of her shots. I do not think it’s fair that someone advertise as a professional without decent gear. Now I don’t want to make any concrete assumptions, as it’s possible she had a DSLR camera with her while at the park and the Cybershot is just a backup or something. Of course it’s unfortunate her stuff was stolen. I doubt insurance will cover the loss if they find out she is doing photography for money (I have my doubts that she has a real business or insurance on her gear).