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As always NLL, as always.  I like to say weather doesn’t matter, as long as the couple are in love and getting married (and get a decent photog like me 🙂 ), but looks like same for me as late fall is becoming early winter.  Oh well, they’re in love and I don’t mind snow and hope the rest this year don’t either.

So, inkh2art3d, that really is a find.  It’s nice that “their eyes really are this gorgeous in person” but I wonder if poor Brantley’s skin is that crappy in person.  Well, as long as his eyes are a nice colour while he looks stunned and zombie-like.

And from the same “artist”, some of my favourites ( not a lot of time to peruse them all but I’m sure there are some other doozies)…

A fella that looks so natural leaning against a picket fence (like what the heck?)


A lesson of how to light a group (or not),


Another example of not the greatest pic in the world but something that could be cute at least in the couple’s eyes but ruined because you know, the kids that were included to “make” the shot need to be “removed” from it..