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OK, NLL, I’ve got a few minutes to kill before heading out for today’s wedding so I’ll bite.

ARP definitely is a great example of a faux who has zero interest in improving.  Heck, if the suckers are willing to keep dishing out cash, why bother, right?

One thing that is true with certain photos is that we don’t always have to have perfect this and perfect that to make it a great photo.   Every photo is a “moment” and some are unique in a way that the technical aspect of the photo can be less than perfect as long as the moment is special.  And although this is not an exceptional “moment”,  https://www.facebook.com/alteredrealityphotos/photos/a.483469361762142.1073741848.251703774938703/611824832259927/?type=3&theater , I’m sure the couple think their son is cute taking a break leaning on dad’s back.  UNFORTUNATELY, Mr. faux has gotten this so far from technically decent to ruin it completely.  Having dad either in a football pose OR “thinking” and getting the colour balance so far off distracts from what could have been a reasonably good if not great shot.  But now it’s poop.  A shame.

In any case, just another example of a “photog” with a complete lack of skill.