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NLL….where do you find these atrocities?  The first one seems to be by someone who mostly takes pics of car shows and did some portraits and weddings for people with very low if zip for budgets.  It doesn’t mean I forgive him (her?) as he states “I specialize in indoor & outdoor photography such as auto,portraits and weddings.I have experience in all!”.  Really?  Then explain this one…


Someone needs more lighting experience.

And the second link you had to AW, well, wow, just wow.  Her skill at posing leaves nothing to be desired.  Yes, that’s sarcasm I’m afraid.  No cruelty intended but Amy, please read a book cause you certainly know how to create awkwardness as demonstrated here…




Sometimes I think fauxs get hired simply because it’s too tough to take a pic of yourself by plunking the camera on a tripod and running back into place.