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Today a photographer was asking in a photography group for advice on how to deal with a crazy client, well actually the friend of the paying client who was criticizing the photos and how the session went and threatening to sure her. We were offering advice such as still talking to her and speak with the actual paying client, and parent of the senior who the photogs were taken of. Myself and others asked her to show examples of what this woman was calling horrible photos. The girl messaged me the gallery link. First off, there were only about a dozen photos she gave them from the entire session. The senior boy was posed awkwardly in most and everything had a terrible yellow green cast. She asked me to critique them. First I told her about the green color cast and asked if she had a color-calibrated monitor. She said she didn’t know what that was and was defending herself saying she’s never had problems with color in the past. Then I viewed each photo at 100% and all but three were unacceptably out of focus and had the worst color noise I’ve seen. I told her this in nicer terms. I said that if those photos were printed larger than a 4×6 it would be unacceptable. I asked what camera and lens she has and she said a T1i and 18-55 lens and made excuses as to why she can’t afford better gear right now. I asked a rhetorical question, “are the clients expecting to be able to make large prints?” and she said “we never talked about their expectations. ” Doh. I told get that from a client’s perspective, if I were paying for photography, I would expect the quality to be able to make very large prints. She kept dodging the real issues and was so hung up on this crazy lady who was messaging her. Ugh.