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Togs who avoid taxes and insurance have no business (no pun intended) being in “business.”  If you’re not willing to go the whole way to be legit, then please just return your gear to the local big box electronics store where you got it and take up a different hobby.

I completely agree with everything you said, picstop!  People think that photography should be cheap because, in their eyes, all the photographer does is show up, take some photos and go home to upload.  Fauxtogs like Maria Ann and Simply Sweet (mentioned on the previous page) aren’t helping to break that idea at all.  All they see are dollar signs so charging $300 for a wedding seems great to them because it’s $300 more than they had before.  And the more and more brides/clients see grainy, out of focus garbage, the more they will think that is the norm and REAL photographers will continue to struggle.