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Yes, there’s a lot of assumptions by the public when it comes to fauxtography businesses.
We had one faux post here once, a link to her competitor’s page along with a little bashing. The competitor was legit start up. The faux on the other hand…
The faux actually won a county wide small business award for being the best photography business in her county. They started the awards to help promote their county and promote small businesses in their area, in the hopes to attract more revenue. But, they gave the award to someone who doesn’t have a tax ID, doesn’t have insurance, has unprofitable prices (well… Except it’s all made under the table), lacks any sort of expertise, or store front, all because they ASSUMED she was running a profitable legit business like she claimed she was.
Then you have the people who say “I never claimed to be a professional” when called out, yet… They charge, they market, and sell their services to the public. Huh? Yep, your clients and future clients will assume you are profitable, you are paying your fed taxes, you are collecting sales tax, you’re insured, and they are patronizing a real business, that they are hiring someone that put thought into what they do, and kno more about photography and the business of than they do. Why would they not think this when someone sets up shop?

It’s a strange phenomenon. I’ll never quite understand the why behind fauxtography businesses. I would say they are self serving, but most times they are far from it and run these “businesses” until they run out of money or drive. They are more self detrimental. It’s just so strange. The dishonesty runs deep.