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What a lot of clients don’t realize (or possibly care little or not at all) is that many of these facebook (and other social media photogs) aren’t real businesses.  Some are and just post on social media as another way to reach customers as I do.  Most aren’t though I’m sure they think they are.   As such, they don’t pay taxes (hurts everyone when a business or individual does not contribute to their fair share), don’t have insurance and generally don’t care about the client.  Why do I say that?  Well,  I’m always a bit surprised to hear from clients that “so and so photography” does not require them to sign a contract so why do I?  Well, as a real business, the contract not only protects me from certain liabilities but also protects the clients as to what I will (and will not) do for the day, mainly for their wedding day.  Fauxs fly by the seat of their pants, whichever way the wind blows.  For those who think paying crap for a photographer is a bargain, you may rue the day you “liked” their page.  I just wish more people would realize that “The flowers wilt and die, the limo goes home after dropping you at the reception, the dj goes home after the reception, the cake gets eaten and is long gone, the chair covers you so meticulously picked out along with the rest of the linen goes back to the rental company and the reception hall closes it’s doors at the end of the night. BUT, the photos last a lifetime.”  Interesting how many people think the photos should cost pennies in comparison to the rest.