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Glad to see I’ve found some like minded folks 😉  And I love how Maria Ann is trying to make it look like she’s shooting for free (presumably so she can defend her crappy work to anyone who calls her out again) but then once you scroll down a bit, surprise!  Not free.

So as I was punching typical fauxtog business names into the Facebook search bar, I came across this beauty.  We’ve got it all (except for selective color I believe) ladies and gents!  Missed focus, overly shopped glowy eyes, poor wb, terrible composition and a winner of a name to boot: “Simply Sweet Photography.”  Kill me now.

Giant floating head and glowy eyes emerges from the trees:

I really hope the bride and groom didn’t pay for this mess of grain and awful:

This is just frightening.  I’m sure this child is actually lovely in real life, but we would never know it since she looks like an evil blueberry wearing a hat:

Typical Pinterest rip off and terrible composition again:

Grey water and blown out sand always make a great back drop for family photos:

I’m just gonna stop now.