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I have to reply to the last one first as it almost made me cry with laughter.  So, http://auburn.craigslist.org/for/4642828650.html…is “Looking for two attractive couples getting married in the next 90 days”.  So, after you send this person your photos, he/she will decide if you’re attractive enough for this special deal (which is really just him/her building his/her portfolio)?  Classy.

Re: the country photog, well, that is indeed the lottery.  Her price certainly reflects her output.  A very long time ago, someone somewhere asked a question along the lines of, “would you rather do 50 weddings a year at $500 or 5 at $5000”?  But you also have to produce the photos for the later so she will likely be stuck at the first (actually she’s $400) for a long time unless she realizes she needs to improve.  Or maybe she likes doing it that way.

And, the “french style”.   I’m going to steal that.  From now on, when I accidentally screw up, I’ll just tell the couple that the out of focus piece of junk was done intentionally in the “french style”.  Ooh la la.  Not.  And, unlike Miss Country Photog, this one is charging $2k for these?  And he/she is posting this http://boston.craigslist.org/gbs/for/4665324076.html to lure people into parting with $2k?  I think the French should sue him/her.

Finally, the DS shots.  Well, yes, how do you post a headshot of a little boy that’s that out of focus?  And flattering pic of that bride in the window.  At least he’s not French.