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😀 – picstop, you crack me right the hell up!

Now this one may not qualify for the main page; they do show a bit of promise. But still…really? A pose like this and you cut off the arms and legs? W.T.F?!?!?  I mean, come on! http://photos.daveshevett.com/p322877185/h398adf54#h331ad10

And the wedding examples, while not horrid like some, still show quite the lack of knowledge on making a bride look her best.  http://photos.daveshevett.com/p830973433/h32494d1f#h32494d1f

And it’s nice they got the leaves on the trees behind the group in focus on this one!  http://photos.daveshevett.com/p830973433/h32494d1f#h3870016f

How do you get THIS close to a kid and still not get him in focus? http://photos.daveshevett.com/p322877185/h1e8c1f7e#h1e8c1f7e