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@picstop – boy, you said a mouthful right there – that is probably the BIGGEST nightmare for me – the back and boob bulge on heavier-set woman. Unfortunately we are not usually consulted before the dress is purchased. Although, remarkably, there have actually been 4 brides who asked me to come along with them when choosing their dresses from a ‘final four’ selection type trip because I do offer the service (I am a word-of-mouth, private referral photographer so I often either know the bride personally or know a close friend of theirs quite well.)  As you said, I have NEVER had an ‘ugly’ bride because any woman that happy and radiant on her special day is beautiful. And it is our job, our mission, nay, our sacred DUTY, to make them look like everything they are that day – a beautiful, happy woman marrying the man of her dreams. You don’t have to turn them into Melting Plastic Barbie to make that happen! Turn them to soften the shoulder line and give the illusion of thinning the body, shoot them in short light, employ your S-curves and C-curves wisely, get the arms off the body, shift their weight back, shoot from above and have them look over the shoulder and up at you…a million and one little things that a real PROFESSIONAL photographer knows and uses to enhance a bride.

I WILL be happy when the completely strapless dress fad is over – it is the absolutely most unflattering look for about 75% of the women who wear it and that is sad, but it IS what we have to work with and if you know what you are doing, you CAN make it work for her and for you – in the photos at least!