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Since for some reason my last post didn’t get posted :-/   Here is someone you should really be looking at… This girl gives professionals and those who are working at getting better a REALLY bad name, instead of bashing people like Exit 10 Photography and I have actually looked at all the links that have been posted yes some dont need to own a camera let alone charge for taking what they call photos, but when bashing someone for NOT using “spot remover” tool, you need to understand that not everyone wants their blemishes removed. I take plenty of photos of my daughter who is in her teens and she refuses to let me remove hers bc she says that they portray someone that shes not, so before you go in judge someone for something you don’t agree with maybe you should ask why they didnt do something instead of bashing them. And have you ever thought that they only reason you received any link on this site that you your self didn’t find on your own is because someone doesn’t like their work and wants them to feel bad. before you start harping on the good people you should be looking at ppl like this