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Just another mediocre producing drone of thousands out there.  Meh.  Kudos to her though for not posting the shaky shots.  With a technique like this


I’m shocked she has any pics at all that are sharp.  I ran into a friend of mine a few months back and she asked me to take some photos for their charity.  She also took a few and held the camera in this glorious fashion.  I asked if she’d mind if I told her how better to hold it.  Her percentage of sharp pics has risen dramatically and she constantly gets told by others she’s holding the camera wrong.  She tells them a pro told her to do it this way (left hand under and not gripping the lens like Kathleen here) and is slowly passing on the knowledge.  Too bad Kathleen hasn’t noticed, with the vast information available on the internet, the basics of holding a camera.  Again, kudos to her for still managing to get a few sharp ones.  Too bad they are mediocre anyway but that’s the way the world is headed in terms of photographic expectations.