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@girlnextdoor, I definitely should try that experiment also. Take 3 photos of the exact same pose and try to get the best quality I possibly can with all three. I have a Rebel T2i, a 40D, and a 5DII. To be honest the Rebel can take a very good photo and when someone is using a good lens and knows what they’re doing, it would take a trained eye to see the difference most likely. But  you have to factor in the crop factor with lenses also; I can stand closer to my subject with the full-frame camera than the Rebel at the same focal length, therefore, minimizing the effect of camera shake and there would be more detail potentially. But you are absolutely correct also about handling low light better. I can hardly bump the ISO on my Rebel above 500 or risk a lot of nasty noise. The 5DII can handle over 1000. This is important in a wedding especially, since venues can be dark and people are moving and you don’t want to lower the shutter speed.

Now I want to bring up two other photographers… neither of these would really end up on the main page of this site (I’m not exactly posting this under the correct forum topic I know) but these look like beginners who probably haven’t been educated well in photography.


This one ^ has some pretty good images, and some pretty bad images. She has some very creative poses but a lot of her photos are lacking in the technical department. I can’t tell if it later work vs. earlier work. She over-edits a lot too.


This one ^ has an extensive portfolio. But I’m just not wowed at all. I found her page because she shot my cousin’s wedding a few years ago and his wedding photos were ALL severe dutch angles. I know I’ve been criticized for my use of dutch but I know I don’t use it nearly as much or to such a large degree. She has many decent photos but even some of her recent work is just lacking. She has her camera in some miscellaneous photos and it appears to either be a 40D, 50D, 60D, or a full-frame camera but almost looks like an older kit lens, but I can’t tell. Like I said, she’s not really a fauxtog, but she is not someone I’d hire.