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*sigh* I know what you are saying, picstop, I know. *sigh* Kind of reminds me of the old saying ‘ignorance of the law is no excuse.’ And, what’s more, I know a lot of these folks ARE poor –  ‘real’ wedding photographer feel completely out of reach to them – most of the wedding events are obviously done in family homes/yards/small churches and the people attending are plain, simple folks. These are not people who can whip out the check book and get David Ziser or Jerry Ghionis to pop in and document their day. But, dammit, it just breaks my heart for these folks. There ARE affordable photogs out there. And many, like me, willing to work with the couple to come up with something reasonable in their price range and still give them good quality.


Good Lord fstopper89 – She is atrocious! And, indeed, if ‘you aslo get the expirience I’ve gained from the planning and preparation I’ve done for several other weddings over the years!’ then how come she has no photos of her own to show for it???? And I LOVE this one: https://www.facebook.com/BudgetBridalPartyServices/photos/a.691538427538135.1073741825.499380863420560/799251556766821/?type=3&theater – I think the power lines add that extra special touch, don’t you?


*sigh* the world keeps on spinning, doesn’t it?