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I’ve quickly looked at the odd post and posted crummy photos on this site from time to time and I feel I ought to finally say something.  Now, I haven’t read every post in every thread so I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s been said but, “it’s not the faux’s fault”.  Just plain nasty hurt-my-eyes and assault my senses crap isn’t necessarily the fault of the fauxs out there.  People actually love the results and praise them.  Why should they get better?  Case in point, NoLovelossless goes through some very nasty “product” by a faux who should be required by law to be prohibited from using a camera.  However, this was not her first wedding!  She has a raft of clients from weddings to boudoir.  And every one of these people, including their families, just fell in love with the results.  Hell, I’ve shot a massive number of weddings over the years myself with many many weddings at my own church.  The rug in the sanctuary is blue.  I’ve seen other photographer’s results where the rug is green.  Their clients did not notice.  Mine did but that’s a different story.  The point is, many people out there are more than happy to settle for garbage.  No doubt that Christina sucks massively but her customers love it.  The world has simply become a more pathetic place where garbage is praised.  And again, on the flipside, at least I don’t have to entertain emails and consults from these customers as they happily flock to people like Christina.