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She’s been already mentioned in this thread but she totally deserves it. She’s been posting images like that and now she’s making fun of bad wedding pictures. And that comment “And why would the photographers share these shots? I mean, there are going to be “duds” – aren’t those the ones you don’t share? Lol”. That’s ridiculous. A regular fauxtog takes bad photos and admire bad photos, she takes bad photos and make fun of other bad photos. I don’t even know what’s worse.

“Oh, I bought my first camera two days ago, it’s a good idea to create a Facebook fan page and post every single photo I take”
Well, there are a lot of photographers like that, but I noticed this one because she advertises herself on popular fanpages not even connected with photography. And I love the blurry guinea pig.

And the next one…
Why do only bad photographers advertise?..