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And why really would you need one page for wedding and one page for everything else?  I get that with boudoir, but weddings??

There are two views.  One is that photography is photography.  That’s the one most news photographers subscribe to.  On any given day, you are shooting a cityscape/landscape, a human interest series, group shots of politicians opening a building or starting a campaign, local sports, celebrity, and so on.  The other view is that sports is somehow different than weddings or portraits, and they are different from landscapes.

I think there are differences, mostly there is interaction with your subjects, or there is not.  You can shoot sports or wildlife forever and not speak to anyone if you don’t want to, but at a wedding you will probably have to direct the bridal party and guests.  Yet there is a similarity in that you only get a single chance at many photos.  And that is the other area of difference, shooting landscapes, you can stake out the view for days and take exactly the same scene in all kinds of weather and light, until you get just what you want, time permitting.

Regardless of what you are shooting, media sensitivity, shutter speed and aperture are your main tools along with your lens.  You have to be able to see and record the light whether you are using available light or providing your own.  And you have to have some idea of what might result in a compelling image.

To put weddings on a site by themselves, or have a site with weddings, portraits, and whatever else you shoot is a business decision that might be best taken with an eye on the prejudices of your customers.  Lots of photographers have a site just for weddings, another just for sports, and a third for fine art, etc.