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Roxanne, I agree with you.  Misty Nolan and Jennifer Teague may have had a couple of poor shots on their pages, but you are having to really cherry pick to get TERRIBLE shots.  They belong nowhere near Cathleen and her ilk.  Please consider the whole of somebodies work before you use 3-5 pictures to completely trash them.

Southern Belle Photography, which you already posted once before Bri, is definitely in Faux territory.  She is most of the stereotypes we have previously suggested.  Looks like she’s a young Marine wife who has a D3100 with just the kit lens and pop-up flash.  Additionally she is now working at a Sears Portrait Studio.  Maybe she’ll learn the value of a real flash in making much better shots and will improve.  She’s not as bad as Cathleen or some others, but she has a lot of room to improve.