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Aw, here’s another one for you to enjoy…found this one on craigslist too!


For only $40 you too can be edited to look this awful…

Fun alien skin tones…  https://www.facebook.com/220740117939629/photos/pb.220740117939629.-2207520000.1403979002./864710603542574/?type=3&theater

Look, mom, my eyebrows are gone! https://www.facebook.com/220740117939629/photos/pb.220740117939629.-2207520000.1403979002./864708073542827/?type=3&theater

Just the way every woman wants to remember her wedding day… https://www.facebook.com/220740117939629/photos/pb.220740117939629.-2207520000.1403979111./850931644920470/?type=3&theater


Good God how do these people keep getting business?


(yeah, I’m bored today 😀 )