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It’s been awhile since I posted here. Anyway, I found this on a local Facebook group page geared towards photographers, models, makeup artist, and hair stylists who are trying to network and get paid work. The moderator (who is a legit and seasoned professional photographer) posted a pinned message saying “If you Are advertising $25 mini sessions, $400 turn and burn weddings or some other ridiculously unprofessional rate under the poorly informed idea that you are just starting out then I will remove you until you come back and post with professionally competitive pricing.” I know he had the following photographer in mind when he wrote this:


I really don’t get posing with blue paint that was splashed on your shirt over your pregnant belly.

This selective coloring with the cap and gown is atrocious!

I really hope that moderator kicks her out. I wonder what drama would ensue. LOL!