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Another Craigslist post was a Canon Rebel XT for sale. I think the guy must be older. He said he bought this setup after he had already retired.

“Hi, I am a retired Professional Portrait and Fine Art photographer. . . I am one of Wisconsin’s winningest photographers of many awards over the years.
I have for sale my excellent condition CANON Rebel XT camera body with a Canon 50mm F1.8 EF lens. . . ALSO with it are THREE lens filters, UV, Haze and Polar. . .AND you get a Canon BG-E3 battery grip. . Plus the two types of battery holders, one for the Canon Li-ion battery Pack and the holder for 6 AA batteries. . . I bought this grip because mainly it makes you “look” more professional AND it gives you a CHOICE in batteries to use, and the AA batteries are a very good choice IF you are on a job and you need a battery change and have run out.”

Lol, the battery grip makes you “look” more professional.