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Ok, almost all of these fauxtogs seem to just be really unprofessional in general. Posting things like “lol just working on some pics to pass my time away” on their “business” page, posting constant junk/fillers on their page, acting like giddy high school girls in every post…. I see a pattern. My business page is pretty much strictly business or photography-related, and I make sure to use all my punctuation and correct grammar when making posts. And the phrase “photo shoots” doesn’t sound professional. “Photography sessions” or “portrait sessions” would sound much better. The fauxtogs are always updating us on the “photo shoot” they have this afternoon. I don’t really care if you have a photo shoot this afternoon. That’s like saying “I’m sitting at my desk, working on the computer,” when updating my friends about my exciting time at work. Sorry, end rant.

Here’s some food for the dogs. https://www.facebook.com/20dollarmemories/photos/a.284544708381535.1073741834.281673845335288/284544901714849/?type=3&theater