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oh, I know.  Every time someone posts wedding photos like these: http://goportraitgallery.com/wedding34.shtml

I want to cry for the bride and groom.  How HORRIBLE to have that happen to you.

My second cousin hired someone for her wedding from my  home town (I’m across the country now) and I did almost cry for her, the woman used a Mark 5 (whatever it is, I’m Nikon lol) and used no flash in the church, shutter speed was 1/15 and aperture was somewhere in the 4’s I think – EVERYTHING was blurry.  And outside, she wasn’t much better.  Cousin just kept saying I don’t understand, our engagement photos were awesome.  I didn’t have the heart to tell her they weren’t.  I tried to edit up some of the pics, after the woman gave her the run around for a long time, and there just wasn’t anything I could really do.