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joehomeowner, the stuff he posted on his business page is hardly the worst of it.  His personal page has quite a few interesting concert albums.  I’ll respect his privacy on those albums being that they’re on his personal account.  Anyone can fall ass-backwards into a good photo, on occasion.  What I hear on this website, time and again, is how anyone with $500 in their pocket can buy an entry-level DSLR and start charging money as a pro-photog without taking any care to learn the craft.   This guy posted a price plan on his FB the other day:

“If anyone is holding a concert, event or wedding, please be sure to contact Shutter Photography or myself to book you an amazing and professional photographer at a very good price.

Concerts…. $75 plus processing fee
Events… $150 plus processing fee
Weddings… $550 plus processing fee

Dependent on the location of the shoot, a fee to cover transportation costs may be required.”

I’ve seen people take fantastic photos with inexpensive or minimal equipment.  I’m trying not to come across as snobby about this because I’m really not.  On the contrary, it bothered me, the arrogance with which he responded when I posted my status asking for advice regarding the purchase of a 5D3.  After telling me his D40x served him well, he said, “Then again, we have different styles of photography.”  Made me wonder what he was trying to imply about my photos…