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Already had a rant about these guys, their photos are boring colours and blurry, yet they are paid to photograph horse shows and even weddings! The mind boggles! Also their website is very misleading as the four pictures on the homepage are pretty good, so it made me think that either it was a whole different company with the same name, or they just put crappy ones on facebook. But after entering the gallery it was immediately clear it was the same old rubbish. Eurgh. http://www.fotofabulous-equestrian-photography.co.uk/


Now this one, nice enough person, and she’s going about it the same why I am, self-teaching (I’ve never done photography as a subject, in fact I’m doing a Marine Biology degree for some reason!), but her photos range from ‘not that good’ to ‘alright I guess’, yet she gets loads of business granted it’s mostly friends and friends of friends but still. Maybe that’s where I’m going wrong- I need more blind/gullible friends!


These guys took the photos at my aunt’s wedding. They suck. Plain and simple. She did ask me to do it, but as I don’t consider myself to be ‘professional’ (but not a fauxtog either) I declined as I’m too terrified of ruining people’s big day. :L