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last one from me for now


a little long, but couldn’t just pick a few things from her description to point out

“I have been taking photos since i was fairly young and my friends and family had always said I would be a great photographer. I always kind of laughed it off because I never really saw it until I was an adult. I have taken a few photography courses in college to get a core aspect of essential parts of photography. My favorite part about photography is capturing the inner essence of my subject which is how I deemed my company name. I do all sorts of photography work ranging from objects, landscape, people, and animals. I do photography as a source of income while I’m finishing my double major at Portland State University as a psychology and criminology major before going to law school. Photography brings out my artistic side and abilities out. Photography helps me relax and stop to enjoy the small things in life. Nothing makes me happier than to capture unspoken words about a person, animal or landscape. Just like any profession some parts of photography are more fun than others. My favorite types of photography are pinup also known as brigade. Why pinup you ask? Well you can capture the essence of a woman’s soul with these types of photos. Some tell the story of insure turned beauty, some show strength and power, and some show the wounds of that persons life. Pinups are respectful images of women that dont really show the full nudity of an individual. You can also make these photos as silly, serious or emotional as you wish. You can capture the blessing of mother with child or document weight loss or major chapters in your life. My second favorite part of photography are capturing a child in their purest form and most silly moments. To capture a special memory or occasion for not only the child but for the parents. And my third favorite is the editing of photos. You can make a simple photo look dramatic and a dramatic photo look simple. Not every photo needs editing though, it depends on the story you are trying to tell. I pride myself in good ethical workmanship and when my photos are finished it makes me feel amazing that my art will at some time tell a very special story. I look forward to working with some great people and amazing families. Thank you for relying on me to make your memory a special one.”