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Ok, this next one is so bad I think they’re seriously TRYING to end up on YANAP.


Let’s run down the page and check off the terrible-ness together, shall we?
Cut off head on the cover photo? Check.
Using bad grammar in the name of your business? “Park Photo’s”. Check.
Cutting off your business name in the profile photos? Check.
Ad to share tickets on a Bingo game app? Check.
Spammy posts wondering why nobody’s signing up for her mini sessions? Check. And we’re not even to the “photos” yet!
Ok, the photos…. blurry, grainy, unflattering, badly cropped, extreme diagonal angles, no concept of lighting, unnecessary vignettes, cheesy borders and “special effects” (including some bad spot colors and ultrasound photos pasted onto pregnant bellies), plastered with a big ugly watermark… Check, check, checkitty-check.
It’s like a smorgasbord of terrible photography!