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I was browsing one of my local selling groups on facebook and came across this post

“I am a Teacher and Photography is my hobby. I am raising money for our adoption. I am willing to photograph weddings/ senior pictures or family pictures in and around the Portland / Clackamas area for cheap. a full day will cost 120 and a half day will cost 60. I will put all photos on a disk for you to have and print.”

Which i’m just thinking, well that seems like a good reason to go ahead and charge for your hobby. People are seeming interested, not surprised because of the price. I went through the comments to see what people were saying such, it was mostly people just asking about getting pictures done and some people asking for examples. The person doesn’t seem to have a page but she posted some pictures as examples.




After seeing those, i started to think that i’d just rather donate money to her for the adoption if i had money to give her than pay for pictures like that.