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The 35-80 was the kit lens with entry level canon SLRs (note the lack of a D). It was later replaced with the 28-80 and 28-90 versions with the same uninspiring apertures.

I have an old 28-80 lens that came with my EOS 300V when I bought it in 2003. Combined weight of camera, lens, battery and film is next to nothing, my compact feels heavier. It even has a poopup flash, in fact the body was so similar that when I got my first DSLR a 350D there was essentially no difference other than the LCD on the back and it used CF instead of Kodak. Image quality was however about the same comparing the 8mpix digital with its iffy kit lens and the 35mm with its iffy kit lens and decent film. There was however a bit more je ne sais quoi which I suspect is due to the longer lens and shorter depth of field at similar apertures. Sadly there is no way of getting around that a 55mm lens is always only 55 no matter how small the sensor is. If I could have a similarly sized FF camera now with a similar sized lens for that kind of weight I’d be all over it.