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I wonder if the poor girl was expecting that end result… A couple of the shots I looked at them thinking when is the final level of image going to load as it looked like a blown up thumbnail, turns out her photos were just that blurry.

Not unexpected though when you see that a month ago she had a rebel kit lens as her profile photo which looks a lot like it was taken with nifty fifty. Looking through her posts it seems that she had a previous photography business that shut three years ago after lasting two and she’s now started a new company. She has registered for tax which is far more than I expected but she’s been going for a couple of months before doing so. Some of her photos actually look pretty appealing but on the whole she is well into fauxland

Finally, I had to google wth a lightscoop is. Turns out it is a little mirror you stick on your pop up flash to diffuse it by bouncing off the ceiling. FFS, get a couple of china speedlights off ebay and do it properly.